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SMILES in the WI:)ND

BawB's Raven Feathers and the new title release Smiles in the WI:)ND are my books filled with pure and simple inspirational quotes musings.


A message from Robert (BawB) Chomany:


With each new day I take a step, my adventure keeps on going.

With each new volume of my little book, a smile for you is showing.


I write these books from my heart and share them with the intent to brighten your day. Each one is filled with my own thoughts on life and living, and reminders for you to enjoy the simple things, and of course, to believe in you.


I look forward to whatever the future holds,

I am excited to round that next bend,

as long as there is wind under my wings, 

I will continue to soar.



Bawb's Raven Feathers has been a truly inspirational book. Bawb expresses love, life, nature and much more in such a beautiful and poetic way. Fantastic read! 


This book shares wonderful quotes that reflect the beauty in life. 

Thanks so much Robert for writing another exceptional book that made me feel more confident, patient and grateful. These poems are so meaningful and helpful to everyone who reads this book. It made me realize that yes I can do something that I might have doubted I could have not done.Doubt lingers in everyone's life, we just need to push it aside and show it that yes you can do it. Don't let others judge or tell you that you can't do something. Every single poem in this book reflected me and my thoughts that life at times could be hard to fit in or learn to grow. I will cherish every word you have written and hope to share it with others that at times might feel like they cannot go on. I love all your books because you leave a page for us to stop and reflect the things that we might have difficulties dealing with and after reading your reflection we could try to see how we could make it easier for us to fix what we might have thought was broken and not repairable. I send a smile in the wind for you everyday :)I recommend you pick this book up.

Yaritza Santana (Goodreads)

Bawb’s Raven Feathers Volume III      Robert Chomany

a gentle, positive philosophy - self-renewal, even.

four stars

This is an unusual book for those not familiar with volumes I and II. It reminds this reader of older self-help and positive-thinking books, but is written much more gently, and with simple encouragement.

There are six sections, each introduced by a prose piece on the main topic. (Strength, Belief, Energy, Positivity, Balance, and Renewal.) The prose is thoughtful, for example, in Energy we find this: “and (there are) those who think that energy lives only in their toasters, which is just fine, because we all think differently,” and again in Balance: “... we live in a world where balance is challenged by the one-sided force of technology.”

The bulk of each section is a series of small poems, all rhyming, nearly all perfect rhymes to boot. The poems play with the main topic, completing and enhancing it, sometimes in whimsical ways.

Encouragement and self-belief are everywhere.

In addition, there is a blank, lined space in each section to allow the owner to personalize the book with her or his own notes.

As for the star count, my personal guidelines, when doing an ‘official’ KBR review, or equivalent, are as follows: five stars means, roughly equal to best in genre. Rarely given. Four stars means, extremely good. Three stars means, definitely recommendable. I am a tough reviewer. This is an unusual, but very fine book; highly recommended.

Jim Bennett, (Kindle Book Review Team member.)

(Note: this reviewer received a free copy of this book for an independent review. He is not associated with the author.)


Lisa rated it 4 of 5 stars (Goodreads)

I won this book on the Goodreads Giveaway!What an uplifting read. Very beautiful prose. Life affirming.Thank you.



I was sent an absolutely beautiful BawB’s Raven Feathers Box Set a while back to review on Self Help Daily. While I told everyone I knew about it right away, I actually put off blogging about it for awhile simply because I wanted to get a little closer to Christmas shopping. These books – whether you buy them as a set or individually for stocking stuffers or for filling in gift baskets – would make perfect gifts. They’re beautiful, timeless, inspiring, and would be cherished for years to come.

One of the things I love most about giving books for gifts is the fact they can be used and enjoyed and re-used and re-enjoyed for years and years. Want to know a beautiful little bonus? They’ll think of you each time they pick the book up!

The BawB’s Raven Feathers Box Set I was sent includes Volume I – V – the first five volumes of BawB’s Raven Feathers.  Each beautiful little hard-cover book is filled with inspirational poetry that will surround you with peace and contentment as you read the words. Truth be told, they’re more like beautiful lyrics than words.

Everything about these books is perfect – from the beautiful illustrations to the equally beautiful words.  The author does more than inspire readers, he causes them to reflect on their lives, their choices, and the world around them.

His words then prompt the reader to cherish the past and relish the present, while looking forward to a future that’s filled with hope.

Yes, the books are that wonderful.

Your Mind School



​Jessica Woods

Brent Ross


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