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Freedom is Knowing When to Release Your Inhibitions

Bawb Chomany


I had such a wonderful ride recently. To me, freedom is riding my motorcycle—moving, pushing the wind and forcing it to accept the fact that I am going forward, despite how much it resists. And not just pushing the wind, but also pushing myself: correcting, perfecting, adapting to the road surface, literally dancing with seven hundred pounds of metal through twists and corners. I actually talk to my machine, and she talks back. I ask her to lean with me around the first corner, and she responds, then lets me set us up for the next one, it becomes a dance on the asphalt, graceful and effortless.

So many things go through my mind when I ride. I am always watching, always looking for others on the road, anticipating their every move. I ride often with friends and I will watch their machines, glance at every nut and bolt on their bikes and picture in my mind that they are tightened and safe. Then I “see” the road ahead for myself two, three, sometimes four corners ahead. I plan my steps. Where am I going to be for the next corner? Will I waltz or tango around it? . . . .

Don't Expect the Unexpected and You'll Never be Disappointed

Bawb Chomany


I often find life so much more rewarding if I give myself credit for what I consider to be a job well done, rather than wait for someone else to recognize my achievements. I believe in my abilities, I have faith in my judgement, and most importantly, I do trust my instincts. That being said, I also try not to have expectations. I will take life as it comes, because after all, life is what it is.


I am so very fortunate to have been given the chance to live my life the way I’ve chosen to live it. Some have been disappointed with my choices along the way, but I’ve always been happy with them. I’ve learned my lessons, adapted to my environment, and shared what I’ve learned with anyone willing to listen. I have found that life is indeed what we make it, and with this in mind, we have the chance to create a happy life for ourselves by making the right choices. . . . .

Doors Work Both Ways: They Open for Opportunity and Close to Adversity
Bawb Chomany

Sometimes we take where we are in life for granted and actually adapt ourselves to negative influences because they are all we know. Imagine if you were to accept only positive influences and energy?  Where would you be? Would your life be different? Would you be a different person? All our lives we are told to listen for opportunity knocking or to watch for a window of opportunity—does this mean we cannot make our own opportunities? Do we have to wait for someone else to provide them? What if they never happen and we waste our entire lives waiting?


So often we hear how short life is, but really, I have been here for a little over half a century and I’m thinking it hasn’t been all that short.  What I believe to be really short is our attention spans. It seems we become very forgetful where our happiness is concerned. How often do you listen to people confess that they wish their lives were different, that they had better jobs, bigger houses, more compatible relationships? Yet, they have become complacent. They are waiting for the “door” of opportunity to appear in front of them and just swing open with a welcome mat in front of it. . . .


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