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SMILES in the WI:)ND


ISBN - 978-1926518084

This book is the next level of my journey, I have filled it with inspiration and word hugs as well as adding some of my favourite photographs, and my adventure continues.

BawB's Raven Feathers - Volumes 1 - 5
Hard Cover

Vol - I - ISBN 978-0991882137

Vol - II - ISBN 978-0991882106

Vol - III - ISBN 978-0991882113

Vol - IV - ISBN 978-0991882120

​Vol - V - ISBN 978-0991882144



V - I - ISBN 978-0-9918821-5-1

V - II - ISBN 978-0-9918821-6-8

V - III - ISBN 978-0-9918821-7-5

V - IV - ISBN 978-0-9918821-8-2

V -V - ISBN 978-0-9918821-9-9


Also Avilable in EPub and Kindle format.


BawB's Raven Feathers - Box Set

Box Set - ISBN 987-1926518053


It has taken me three years to get this far, I am told it should have taken longer but life is too short to dwell on formalities. I do know that this adventure would not be happening without the help from all of the people involved, those who have supported me, believed in me and pointed me in the right direction. I want to thank you all for sharing my path and making this happen:


Publisher - Invermere Press

Rachel Small, Editor - Rachel Small Editing 

Carrie Mumford, Content Manager - Carrie 

Fiona Raven, Book Design - Fiona Raven Book Design

Friesens Printing - Friesens

Beth Kallman Werner - Author Connections 

Jessee Wise, Illustrator 


Special thanks to Author Connections for introducing me to this very cool litttle widget that has become my favorite marketing tool - Book2look Vol I

                                                                       Book2look Vol II

                                                                       Book2Look Vol III

And of course, Thank You to all of you that read my books and share my smiles, I send to you all a smile in the wind... WI:)ND

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